A New Year

A new year often begins with a list of resolutions and ideas about what we would like to change about ourselves so that we might become better in the future than what we have been in the past.  While many attempt to make significant changes, few succeed.  Enthusiasm may dominate our initial drive to succeed, but it must be coupled with commitment in order for us to be successful.

At Melden & Hunt, Inc., we have a long standing history as one of the leading providers of professional engineering, surveying and consulting services in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas.  Yet, even with a solid past, we are looking forward to an even better future.  Our hope is that in 2015, we will continue to be entrusted with projects that will provide the most solid building blocks for new construction projects, provide a solution to a wastewater problem in the community or simply provide the most accurate and timely survey needed for a homeowner at closing.

In 2015, our desire is to continue to serve with excellence the many clients who frequently turn to us for our expertise, as well as welcome new ones who will view us as a trusted friend.

As we at Melden & Hunt, Inc. launch into another new year, we pause to honor the past with its rich history of quality engineering, we focus our attention on today’s priorities and we look forward to the many projects ahead of us which will leave us even better than we were before.