70 Years of Excellence

April 2017 marks the beginning of Melden & Hunt, Inc.’s 70th anniversary year. As we pause to honor the memory of our founders, Mr. Charles L. Melden and Mr. Raymond C. Hunt, we do so with tremendous gratitude. Their shared vision was a blessing that continues to be felt.

We are also very grateful to Mr. Larry Smith whose leadership at Melden & Hunt, Inc. ensured that its presence would remain strong in the Rio Grande Valley.

Today, we also recognize the firm’s present leadership: President Fred L. Kurth and Vice Presidents Allan Booe, Kelley Heller-Vela, Robert Tamez and Mario Reyna. We are thankful for them and applaud their desire to see Melden & Hunt, Inc. remain strong and vibrant in the years to come.

Finally, we say “Thank You!” to the many employees – past and present – who have faithfully and selflessly worked to make Melden & Hunt, Inc. what it is today.

Melden & Hunt, Inc. was founded on excellence, is committed to growth, has remained strong for 70 years and continues to look forward to serving clients and the communities of the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.

Happy 70th Anniversary, Melden & Hunt, Inc., we are proud of you and all your accomplishments!